Our photos are our memories, and chances are you’ll want to keep your memories safe for you—and your family—to enjoy for years to come. Total Image can help insure that your memories are preserved by archiving your negatives, slides, and prints into a digital format on a CD or DVD.

Digital Images to Disc

Insure that your memories are preserved by transfering your images to a digital format.

Shoebox Scans

Don't let your photos sit in boxes and old albums to deteriorate. Bring them in and have them scanned into a digital format!

Album Pages Scanned to Disc

Keep your photo albums safe for years! We can scan each page to give you a digital copy of all your favorite memories.


Whether you need simple photo copies or copies of your paintings, drawings, and artworks. We have you covered!

Looking for something else?

Premium Materials

From ink to paper, we only use the highest quality materials.

Our Promise

We strive to provide every customer with high quality imaging products as efficiently and beautifully as what we would expect.

Local Business

Locally owned and operated since 1974