From Prints to Cameras, Total Image is here to help you

Total Image has a clear objective. Provide photographers with high quality imaging products quickly, efficiently and of course beautifully. The ability to deliver on this objective is not a static process. For over 40 years we have watched massive innovation and change in the photographic industry. Many labs have struggled and even failed as large labs have taken over market share with pricing or turnaround. Our position as a smaller, more personalized business has allowed us to make the changes to compete, while maintaining a strong client base, many of whom we now call our personal friends. Really that is not far from the vision of our founder Rene’ Brinsfield. He started Capitol Filmworks in 1974 to process football film. Years later we meet people who knew him, worked with him and called him a friend. That is how we were started and it is how we will run our business for years to come.

Welcome to the Total Image family. Capture the moments. Print the memories. Enjoy them forever.