Video Transfer Services

Convert VHS to DVD

As tape-based technology has begun to phase out of our lives and living rooms, we’re left with shelves and boxes of VHS, Hi-8, and Digital 8 tapes—and that’s where they sit. Why not let Total Image brush the dust off of those tapes? Our technicians are experts at VHS to DVD transfers, and Total Image offers the fastest and most professional service in Montgomery. Here are several reasons why you should do a VHS transfer to DVD:

  • Tapes wear out over time, even if they’re not being used, so as time goes on, the quality of the picture and sound likewise degrade. DVDs are rated to last far longer than the typical 10-15 year shelf-life of VHS tapes.
  • As playback technology ages in one direction and matures in another, it will become more and more difficult to play VHS media on newer TVs with older VCRs; in fact, does anyone still have a working slide projector? This will soon be the way of VCRs as well. (by the way, we can archive film and slides to CD or DVD, too!)
  • It is infinitely easier to make DVD copies than VHS copies.
  • Tapes spend too much time collecting dust in cabinets and closets when they could be available to watch any time on the much more convenient DVD format.
  • Once video has been through a digital transfer, it is very easy to share home videos for all of your family and friends from around the globe to enjoy.

Service Price
Video Transfer (Includes VHS, 8mm tapes, mini dvds & memory cards) - $20 deposit - DVD included $20.00 per video hour
Additional DVDs $10.00 each


Reel film to DVD Price
Reel Film transfer includes: 8mm, 16mm, and audio-$55 deposit $.17 per ft (Min. $55 charge)
Reels range in size 50 ft. up to 1600 ft.
Reel splicing $1.00 per splice

Along with our photo restoration service, VHS converted to DVD discs has some great gifting potential. What spouse, parents, or grandparents wouldn’t love to see a copy of their wedding on DVD as an anniversary present? The nostalgia of a childhood birthday party on home video can be a standout gift for an adult. Old home videos, school recitals and performances, special family events…while these are moments from the past, Total Image can help you keep them in the present and into the future, so please give us a call at 334-269-3456 or come in to the store where we will be happy to help you get started with preserving your video memories.


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