Film Processing, Developing, and Services

Even though many businesses have discontinued film processing in and around Montogmery, film is very much alive at Total Image! Although we started processing film over 40 years ago, we are primarily a digital lab now but we partner with a local film processing lab to continue the film processing service.

Media Service Price
All Film Processing Develop Negatives (includes CD) $13.00 per roll
Printing (Set 1) 4x6 prints $.30 each
Printing (Set 2) 4x6 Prints $.20 each

Media Production Time Price
35mm roll film 1 working day $5.99
35mm negative strips
(36 frames)
1 working day $7.99
35mm/120/220 negatives 3 working day $3.00 each
4x5/5x7 negatives 3 working day $10.00 each
35mm slide scan 3 working day $1.00
CD of scans $2.99
DVD of scans $10.00