Digital Archiving Services

Our photos are our memories, and chances are you’ll want to keep your memories safe for you—and your family—to enjoy for years to come. Total Image can help insure that your memories are preserved by archiving your negatives, slides, and prints into a digital format on a CD or DVD.

Digital Archiving Price List
Digital Images
Service Price
To CD $4.95
To DVD $9.95

SHOEBOX SCANS {1-2 working days} - sizes from wallet to 8.5x11

Quantity Price
up to 50 prints $29.99
up to 100 $49.99
up to 250 prints $69.99
up to 500 prints $79.99
up to 750 prints $84.99
up to 1000 prints $99.99
each print over 1000 $.10 each
Mounted prints 8x10 or smaller $4.00 each
Dupe CD $2.99
Dupe DVD $10.00
Image Rotation $9.95 per order
4x6 at time of scan $.18 each

SLIDE & FILM SCANS TO DISC - 35mm & 120—minimum 10

Quantity Price
35 mm roll film $5.99 each
35 mm negative strips $7.99 per 36 frames
35mm/120/200 negatives $3.00 each
35mm slide scan $1.00 each
CD of scans $2.99 each
DVD of scans $10.00 each


Quantity Price
Film Processing $2.98 per roll
4x6 prints at time of processing $.30 each
Dupe set of 4x6 prints at time of processing $.20 each
CD at time of processing $3.99 each

Quantity Price
Photo copywork of prints up to 16x20 $15.00 each
Photo copywork of prints up to 20x24 $30.00 each
CD with print order No charge
CD only $2.99 each
DVD only $10.00 each
Artwork Copy - 1 piece $30.00
Artwork Copy - 2-10 pieces $20.00
(CDs are included with all Artwork copy jobs)

12x18" max—minimum of 10
Quantity Price
Any page size $2.99 each side

*Copyrighted items may not be scanned without a copyright release.Items with excessive curl or damage will not qualify as a shoebox scan.


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